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The Butcher Block /
Microwave Oven Table

Here's the perfect opportunity for you to exercise your design creativity!


Transfer the screw holes in the edge of the rails (B) to the bottom of the butcher block top (P). Drill the screw holes, but wait to assemble the butcher block to the side rails until after you have finished the stand to match the décor of your kitchen. Be sure to use a non-toxic salad bowl finish, non-toxic oil finish, or Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish on the butcher block top. The remainder of the stand can be finished with any grease and water resistant finish such as polyurethane or lacquer.

Finally, using 1-3/4" #8 flathead wood screws (Y), assemble the butcher block top (P) and two facings (Q) to the rails (B).

Assembly Layout 1 Layout 2



If you're not planning to use the lower shelf to hold a microwave oven, you can make good use of the space with this optional storage unit.

From a piece of 1/2" thick plywood,, cut all pieces to size, according to the Bill of Materials. Use your dado set-up to cut the joinery, as shown in the storage unit drawings. Sand all pieces smooth and assemble them using glue and 1" #18 wire brads (BB). Use nailset to countersink the brad head, then fill them with wood putty that matches the finish you're planning to use. Cover the edges of the plywood with veneer tape or thin, solid wood strips and finish the storage unit to match the remainder of the table.

Storage Unit Front Top


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