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The Butcher Block /
Microwave Oven Table

Here's the perfect opportunity for you to exercise your design creativity!



The top (P) is reinforced and its individual pieces aligned with threaded metal rods (S). After cutting the appropriate number of top pieces (P), use your drill press to bore a series of mating holes in each to accept your 3/8" threaded rods (S). See Fig. 1.

IMPORTANT: Use a 1" diameter bit to drill larger holes in the two outer-most pieces of your butcher block. These holes will fit over the nuts (U) and washers (T) that are used on each end of your threaded rods.

Assemble the top pieces using waterproof carpenter's glue, epoxy or two-part resorcinol glue. Be sure the pieces are aligned properly before tightening the threaded rods to pull everything together. Be careful not to over-tighten, as this could starve the glue joints. Next, drill and counterbore the screw holes, as well as the holes for the 1" diameter dowel handle in the two top facings (Q). Attach the facings to the assembled butcher block top (P) with 1-1/4" #6 flathead wood screws (X). Use dowel plugs or buttons (W) to cover the screw heads. Using a belt sander, smooth the butcher block top (P) and top facings (Q). Glue the handle (R) into position.

Top Top Detail

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