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The Butcher Block /
Microwave Oven Table

Here's the perfect opportunity for you to exercise your design creativity!

The Drawer

The drawer slides in and out on two guides (D) that fit into mating grooves on the drawer sides (K). Use a dado blade setup to cut a 3/16" deep x 3/4" wide groove in each drawer side (K), as shown in the drawer drawing. These grooves will slip over the drawer guides.

Cut the remaining joinery in the various drawer components as shown in the drawing. Use your Shopsmith Router or Dado setup to form a 1/2" deep x 1/2" wide vertical rabbet in each end of the drawer front (H) -- and a 1/4" deep x 1/2" wide vertical dado in each drawer side (K) to accept the drawer back (J). Then cut a 1/4" wide x 1/4" deep groove all the way around the bottom insides of the drawer sides (K), front (H) and back (J) to accept the 1/4" plywood drawer bottom (L).

Drill and countersink holes in the drawer sides (K) for attaching the front and back, as shown. Drill a screw hole in the drawer front (H) for the drawer pull (AA). Assemble the drawer pieces with glue and 1-1/4" #6 flathead wood screws (X).
Do not glue the bottom in place.

Drawer Drawer Guide

The Knife Block

The knife slots in the knife block (M) are formed by cutting corresponding grooves in the two mating knife block pieces prior to assembly. We have provided some example sizes for the groove widths and overall size of the block. However, we recommend that you measure the widths of the knives you plan to slip into the block and adjust the groove widths as well as the overall size of your knife block to accommodate your knives. Cut each groove to a depth of 1/8", giving you a 1/4" wide slot, then glue the two pieces face-to-face with the grooves aligned. Mount the knife block to one of the side rails (B) with a 5/8" thick spacer block (N) to compensate for the rail set-back.

Knife Drawer

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