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The Butcher Block /
Microwave Oven Table

Here's the perfect opportunity for you to exercise your design creativity!

The Leg and Rail Assembly

Before cutting the legs (A), decide whether or not you want to add casters to make your Table mobile. If so, be sure to make the legs 2" shorter than called for in the plans or your table will be too high...then drill a hole in the bottom of each leg to receive the caster shaft or its drive-in, metal "receiver".

Next, drill and counterbore the holes in the legs (A) for the screw shanks where the top & bottom side rails (B,C) & bottom front and back rails (E,F)...and shelf (G) attach to them. NOTE: If you're making the stand to hold a microwave oven, be sure to position the lower shelf (G) 4" lower than indicated in the plan to accommodate the height of the oven. Again, be sure to measure your oven before deciding where to position the shelf.

If you're making the table with a lower storage unit instead, be sure to attach the two drawer guide strips (D) to the top side rails (B) with counterbored wood screws before putting the two leg assemblies together. See the drawer guide detail drawing.

Use a 1/8" drill to bore screw pilot holes in the ends of all rails (B,C,E,F) and assemble the side rails (B,C) to the legs (A) using 1-3/4" #8 flathead wood screws (Y). Cover the screw heads with dowel buttons or plugs (Z).

Leg Detail Corner

The Base Assembly

Put the base assembly together by connecting the two leg & rail assemblies with the top back (E) and bottom front & back (F) rails, using 1-3/4" #8 flathead wood screws. As before, cover the screw heads with glue-in dowel buttons or plugs.

Build the shelf (G) by gluing individual pieces of 3/4" stock edge-to-edge to create a piece that's 22" x 27-3/4". Once the glue has dried, hand sand or belt sand the shelf to a smooth surface, then notch-out the corners of the shelf to fit snugly inside your legs, resting on top of the lower side (C) and lower front and back (F) rails. Position the shelf (G) on top of these rails (C,F) and use a 1/8" bit to drill the screw pilot holes in the edges of the shelf (G).

Base Detail

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