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The Butcher Block /
Microwave Oven Table

Here's the perfect opportunity for you to exercise your design creativity!

Getting Started

The lumber requirements for the project as shown here include 11'-6" of 2" x 2" stock, 27 board feet of 3/4" thick stock and another 27 board feet of 1/4" thick plywood. If you've decided to make the storage unit that sits in the microwave area on the lower shelf, you'll also need a half-sheet of 1/2" thick plywood. Start by cutting all your stock to size. The 2x2's (actually 1-3/4" x 1-3/4") should be cut to exact length, while all the 3/4" stock should be cut 1/16" over actual width, then jointed to their exact width. The stock for the sides and back of the drawer should be resawed on the bandsaw, then jointed or planed to the final 1/2" thickness. With the stock at its finished thickness and width, all the pieces should be crosscut to their finished length.

NOTE: Since all microwave ovens are not the same size, be sure to measure your oven, check it against the measurements included here and alter the sizes of any pieces as required to accommodate the oven.


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